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Has served as my attorney several times and I can honestly say he is a very good attorney for many different reasons. He also is my husband's attorney and he is just as happy with Mr. Durakiwicz's service and his attitude towards us in general. Mr. Durakiwicz made us feel very comfortable and like we wasn't being judged. My husband and I are in the process of getting our lives back on track and trying to get established in this world and so many people in the courts system and officials tend to look down on us and make us feel like we're not equals, so finding the right attorney who would treat us fairly, I was afraid was hopeless till we met Mr.Durakiwicz. He is most definitely fair, that includes his fees, my husband was actually so relieved after meeting Mr. Durakiwicz in his office he was almost in tears. We're both just extremely thankful and we appreciate everything Mr. Durakiwicz has done and how hard he tried for us.. Most importantly the way he treated us with kindness compassion and respect, he also demanded respect from other officials in the court system for my husband and I. Mr.Durakiwicz if you are reading this please know how grateful we are and just thank u so much for being so kind and understanding and non-judgmental. We will tell anyone you are definitely the best choice for all different walks of life.

Amber Tidwell

Mr. Durakiewicz is the best attorney money can buy. He is professional, understanding and compassionate. He can be aggressive, when he needs to get the job done! I am eternally grateful for my outcome!! I hope to see you run for office.

Lena Tipton

I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation. He is courteous, knowledgeable, and will keep your best interest and unique needs at the forefront.

Jessica Grzechowiak

Great help! Very professional and well-spoken. Answered all of my questions, took the time to make me feel comfortable during a hard time. Very ethical and kind. If you have any questions about a case he is your guy!

Emilee Lee

Very professional when handling the details of my case. Would recommend to anyone needing legal services

Cassidy Bell

Mr. Michal Durakiewicz did a excellent job handling my case in court. I would highly recommend Mr. Durakiewicz to anyone who needs a lawyer for there future case / cases.

Shanna Hatcher

Michal Durakiewicz, was very professional listen to everything I wanted on my court case. He was able to make the state's attorney agree to my terms and get what I wanted from my court case. Michal is a professional and does well and his job, I thank you Michael for your help in my criminal case and my future help. Michal is very professional and does great job at being a lawyer he listens to his clients, and he help some of the best way he can. Again thank you Michal Durakiewicz.

Micah Manthe

Great attorney affordable will work thoroughly on your case great law firm I recommend all my friends and family members to him you should also thanks again Michal.

Tyler Andrews

Great lawyer. He listens and understands and does his best to give you the best possible outcome in your situation. Would recommend

Jonathan Watson

My experience with Michal Durakiewicz was nothing short of amazing. Even though I was referred by someone that could not help me. I am proud of my decision and that we were able to work together. When I called him about my legal issues, he explained everything to me in a way that I could understand. I would highly reccomend him if you have any legal issues, because he was there for me every step of the way before, during and after the trial!

Casmen J

Michal answered all my questions, there was no rush during our initial consultation. I would definitely recommend Michal Durakiewicz for all legal needs.

Mitchell Lilly

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