Criminal Defense

When You're Facing Criminal Charges

Talk to a criminal defense attorney in Nashville, TN

Were you arrested for driving under the influence? Are you worried about losing your driving privileges? Durak Law Firm provides criminal defense services for a variety of charges in Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. Durakiewicz is a hands-on DUI attorney. He'll learn the details of your arrest and prepare to argue your case in court, if needed.

Reach out to Durak Law Firm in Nashville, Tennessee now to set up a free consultation with a DUI attorney.

What not to do following an arrest

Durak Law Firm provides criminal defense services for all kinds of criminal charges at the state level. If you're facing an arrest, don't:

  • Say anything-the prosecution will use anything you say against you
  • Run-that will make you look guiltier
  • Resist arrest-doing so will worsen your charge

Whether you've been charged with theft or homicide, you can trust attorney Durakiewicz to fight for your rights as if his own were on the line.

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