Civil Litigation

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Civil disputes can cost you precious time and money if not dealt with right away. Durak Law Firm handles civil litigation cases at the state and federal levels. Your civil litigation attorney in Nashville, Tennessee will listen to your side of the story to learn how to prepare your defense. You can depend on attorney Durakiewicz to come up with a practical solution to your legal problem.

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When to contact attorney Durakiewicz

Get in touch with Durak Law Firm ASAP so you can resolve your legal issue quickly. As a skilled civil litigation attorney, Mr. Durakiewicz can help you if:

  • Someone is refusing to pay for property damage they caused
  • Your insurance provider refuses to cover your auto damage claim
  • Someone suffered a slip-and-fall accident on your property
  • You're facing a health care liability case

Don't let your situation drag on-talk to attorney Durakiewicz today to learn your next steps.

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